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Young company, innovative ideas

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The company was born in 2015 with the purpose of improving the destination of forest residues and creating high quality craftsmanship furniture, with exclusivity and environmental commitment.

Selva Hardwoods is a company that stands out in the market for developing sophisticated and contemporary furniture, with the premise of valuing what nature has of most beautiful and unique in its furniture. They are singular items of natural design that are distinguished by it's originality and refinement, result of the mastery of a thorough and well elaborated technique applied by our master craftsmen while respecting tracing, texture and curves of the wood.

It is a technique that accompanies all the furniture making and begins with the preservation of the organic characteristics. What would be considered defective by the industry, barks and fissures, for us is where we extol the beauty of the piece. This unique, daring and creative vision is also present when defining how to take advantage of the format of each original wood and what elements to use to compose the final products.

Another essential item for Selva Hardwoods is to know closely the raw material used. In addition to having the technical certificate of Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama) all material is responsibly chosen, following the process of obtaining, from the removal to the arrival of the forest residues, ensuring sustainability throughout the production.

This process exists to ensure that the customer choose their furniture safely and with greater satisfaction with the defined project. No matter what the furniture, it is possible to customize all the stages of the manufacture: design,  elements used, geometry of the piece and finishing. 

The products vary between tables, benches, sideboards and fireplaces, in contemporary lines, with refined and bold features, which give the environment an exquisite yet cozy style.